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]]> Comment on Illinois Straw Poll: Another Faux Ron Paul Straw Poll Victory by KAPT BLASTO Sat, 12 Jan 2013 19:23:49 +0000 /71b/?p=398#comment-13140 I forgot I posted comment, here….

Here: I’ll give you the text to my “TWO BORROWS, and a LIEN” idea…

let me know what you think of it!

ok CBS….Fiscal Cliff on the way? Well, Time for me to try making a suggestion:
See, as long as Amendment 14, Section 4: “The validity of the Public Debt of The United States…shall not be questioned” is firmly in play…
….then all those Bonds and other debt issuance, that Our Government’s Treasury has sold, that people and corporations and Foreign nations hold, cannot be Repudiated by basis of questioning its validity…Especially if any portion of that DEBT is held “Intergovernmentally”…
…it’d be like legalized robbery if we let ANYONE do that! (That’s what many people believe taxation is supposed to do, anyway!) So, no one is questioning that the debt that’s held against the Government, and through that Government, us taxpayers….
However, even IF no one can question the validity of any held outstanding debt…what about the manner of SATISFYING that unquestionably validly held debt?
If my observation of things holds true….then, a right question should be…WHY are we letting people HOLD BOND against the Government, to “save for the future, tax free” and NOT allow people to hold CD in the CENTRAL BANK to do the same thing!
And here’s another question…what would happen if instead of GOVERNMENT “paying down” the debt to the holder holding the promises…we let the HOLDER present those promises BACK as PAYMENT for something the Government could offer the holder?
Or…to put it a little more simply: INSTEAD OF GOVERNMENT “PAYING DOWN” the DEBT…we let DEBTHOLERS USE their HELD DEBT as DOWNPAYMENT, BACK, for something, FIVE TIMES BIGGER, that could make the holder MORE MONEY TAX FREE than what waiting on the piddling yields and maturities could offer them?
What I’m going to put up here, CBS NEWS…is a letter I wrote to SPEAKER BOEHNER, a few days back, detailing the step-by-step of my plan, derived from my little “nutty idea” that I simply call “HOW TO GET RID OF THE NATIONAL DEBT…without BREAKING A SWEAT!”…
and I call this derivate: “TWO BORROWS, and a LIEN,” and what it sets out to do, is take all the INTERGOVERNMENTAL HOLDINGS of NATIONAL DEBT, “retiring and converting” that holding into CLAIM on CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT that could REPLACE the PRESENT Treasury Certificates held at the FED, that the Fed uses as basis for all the “bought” commerical notes, to stack upon, and all the “elastic currency,” under fractional reserve rules, to lend to the economy ,through the banks…
…but, do it in such a way, where a simple LIEN can allow the “intergovernmentals” access to the money, without having to wait upon anything…
It takes FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS OFF THE DEBT! (Hey! it’s not ALL of it, but it’s a start, folks!)
And what’s more? All that YIELD PAYMENT that Congress schedules to take from the revenue take today, and into the future…gets FREED UP! (which MIGHT mean LOWER TAXES TOMORROW!)
The posting I’m going to link here, is a bit rough…but reading it might give you the idea!
Here’s the step by step, that I wrote to Speaker Boehner:
John Andrew Boehner,
If you want to avoid the fiscal cliff….then this is what you’re going to need to do:
“Two Borrows and a Lien” by ________________, (aka KAPT BLASTO, on Facebook!)
here’s the step by step:
have a meeting arranged between CPPB (which is a FEDRSV controlled entity,) and someone representing the “Intergovernmentals” (who holds FOUR TRILLION in National Debt), that has the authority to act upon the “Intergovernmentals'” behalf.
What takes place in this meeting, is that the CPPB BORROWS from the “Intergovernmentals” all the holdings (or claim upon) the FOUR TRILLION, and leaves a promissory note with the “Intergovernmental” Representative.
Behind the Intergovernmental’s rep back, (so to speak,) the CPPB walks out with the borrowed claims, and walks over to TREASURY…arranges a LOAN that Treasury will lend to the CPPB:
A COD (certificate of Deposit, or equivalent) that is FIVE TIMES BIGGER, than what the holdings of claim to the FOUR TRILLION owed by Government…is, deposited into the FEDERAL RESERVE, instead of a TREASURY CERTIFICATE normally issued…
…and the CPPB uses the Holdings of claim to the Four Trillion owed….
…as DOWNPAYMENT, BACK to the TREASURY to secure the loan.
The terms put in this “reciprocal loan” should work like this: Instead of expecting a schedule for CPPB to pay back upon, with interest….Treasury puts in a directive for CPPB to constantly follow, so that “payback” never needs to be done!
All CPPB has to do, is: Not draw upon the CD, created and deposited, as such, and allow a certain percentage of returning interest coming back to the CD, be withheld, back to the Treasury….
and conceivably, CPPB never needs to pay a cent out of pocket to “pay down” the Loan, because what they’re borrowing for, is actually helping others, and not necessarily helping themselves, like what happens with “normal” loans…
Now, once the terms are put on paper, and agreed to….CPPB presents the Holdings of the FOUR TRILLION of NATIONAL DEBT, and gets it STAMPED (like a visa, or a notary document) so that the BINDING TIME TERMS upon those holdings can be lifted…and then, those holdings can be used as DOWNPAYMENT, back to the TREASURY, and with Ammendment 14, Section 4 rules…the validly held unquestionable debt, can be satisfied ALL AT ONCE, instead of OVER TIME, like normal, because the holder of that debt USED IT, rather than sat and WAITED…
That means that FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS can come off the DEBT, John….
….just like THAT! Simple!
STEP THREE: Once that maneuver with Treasury is done, and the CD is deposited…then the Intergovernmentals can be officially notified of what happened.
Since they were not party, and made sure that they were not involved, or made sure (legally,) that they not have had any knowledge of what the CPPB was about to do, with Treasury… then the “Intergovernmentals” can then move, and put a LIEN upon the CD, up to the amount that they were owed, and collect the interest upon the rest of the CD in place.
SO, here’s what that means, John:
ONE: Four Trillion dollars comes off the debt, and WE THE PEOPLE no longer need to be DOUBLE TAXED to have SOCIAL SECURITY and the REST of the INTERGOVERNMENTALS turn a profit!
TWO: That also means all that yield that was scheduled to be outlaid from the Budget, under mandatory spending…now gets freed up! And through the arrangement Treasury is bringing Congress another revenue stream, that works through the flow of the BANKING SYSTEM.
THREE: that also means, that with the reduction of Mandatory spending….TAXES could be lowered, John!
FOUR: That also means….SOCIAL SECURITY now has a Better way of getting their revenue other than holding Bond, whenever Congress needs to cover the revenue gaps….
This is the beginning, John! THIS is the way to begin to get rid of the National Debt….without breaking a sweat!
Folks: are you ready to have the END OF THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT…but in a GOOD WAY?!
Do you want to avert the fiscal cliff?
What have you got to lose, folks, except the National Debt?!
The only thing standing in your way, folks….is YOU…and seeing as how straitjacketed you made yourself…you’re going to need all the help you can get to get yourself FREE!
…without tax hikes or spend cuts or repudiating or defaulting on anything…
…using the tools you DO HAVE….SMART, and NOT STUPIDLY anymore….
…and because you’re going to need all the help…all the RIGHT help that you can get….
may GOD HIMSELF CONTINUE to BLESS THIS NATION OF OURS, the United States of America!
because John…we’re sure going to need it!
-KAPT BLASTO 21 DEC 2012 (the first day of the rest of your life! Well, that’s what my dad always said to me!)
You see, CBS…if we just worked our TOOLS SMART, instead of STUPIDLY…then we wouldn’t be in this FISCAL CLIFF mess, at all.
Yet, here we are…and there Our leaders in Washington are…wanting to drum up drama! It stinks, but, what else can I do expect post this message to you?
KAPT BLASTO 27 Dec 2012 (we’re going to need all the help we can get, here, folks! Here’s hoping that the “powers that be” will give positive response, after reading it!)

Comment on Rep. Hultgren Explains ‘No’ Vote On Fiscal Cliff Compromise by Bob Andrekus Wed, 02 Jan 2013 13:03:23 +0000 /71b/?p=3795#comment-13020 Thanks for sticking to your principles and voting against the “so called” fiscal cliff bill. Nothing damages this county’s future more than the reckless spending of Dear Leader.also, as the father of a US Marine, Dear Leader’s willingness to sacrifice US personnel as in Benghazi’ scares me for my son’s safety. I feel impeachment should be in the discussion.

Comment on Ill. State Sen. Donne Trotter’s Fake ‘Security Guard’ Job by Kasper Fri, 07 Dec 2012 11:58:41 +0000 /71b/?p=3745#comment-10482 Were they is session? The website says they’re off until after the first of the year.

Other than that, I think you’re spot on with your assumptions.

Comment on Ill. State Sen. Donne Trotter’s Fake ‘Security Guard’ Job by Casey CT Fri, 07 Dec 2012 01:38:37 +0000 /71b/?p=3745#comment-10479 You are right on target. This is a scam many folks in the city do to skirt the gun laws of the state.
Take a sham 20 hour private detective class, get a PERC card and a FOID card and find some firm to say you work for them and you are all set.

Hopefully this will blow the cover off of this racket and have the powers that be take a closer look at this end-around the gun laws of the state.

Does anyone think a high class, hi-faluting snazzy dresser and attorney like Donne is actually checking doorknobs at a warehouse or sitting in booth checking for cars entering a parking lot for $8.50 per hour ?
And the part about his disclosures will also come back to haunt him, as well as the fact that the gun it turns out was not properly registered in the City of Chicago.
Finally, the little girl gun he was packing, a .25 caliber, is hardly used by anyone that takes the job of security guard seriously.
I will bet there are a lot of folks sleeping uneasy tonight.